A Movie About Me

If a movie of my life was made, it would be very boring- the last 10 years at least. I’ve spent most of that time sleeping, watching Netflix, talking about losing weight, making and losing friends and eating very poorly. I think my childhood and teenage years would be interesting, and hopefully my future. I think a lot of addicts and people with mental health issues have the same issue- we have the lost years, the dark ages, the years that we didn’t grow.

I saw a quote recently asking “are you really living, or just existing?” or something along those lines and it hit me hard. Are you playing hard, living hard, working hard, setting goals, dreaming big? or are you just watching the days go by?

There’s a brilliant quote from one of my favourite movies, A Cinderella Story, and it says “Don’t Let the Fear of Striking Out, Keep You From Playing the Game.” I think it’s a good quote to live by. I haven’t taken many risks in my life, and I think it’s time to start.

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