Opps! Renaming The Blog

When I started this blog, I named it Neurodiversity Queen. Then I googled it, and it turnt out there was already someone with that name! I then decided to call myself The Neurodiversity Universe because I thought it would be a safe option. Unfortunately, I found out this morning that someone else is already using a very similar name.

I’m very sorry, but in a few days or weeks, I will be changing the name of the site, hopefully permanently. I will have to get all new names for my social media sites, such as youtube and instagram. I know it’s annoying that I keep changing names and addresses, so I am very sorry.

2 thoughts on “Opps! Renaming The Blog

    1. For sure! I might keep this URL for the first year, because I don’t think I can cancel or change it, so I might have two domains pointing to the same blog. We’ll see. I think a second domain is $20 US, so not too bad!

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