Things I loved in hospital, during my Manic Episode

  1. Weighted Blanket- I wrapped this around me when I wanted a rest in one of the rooms set aside.
  2. A massage chair… I used this most days
  3. The spa bath with many jets
  4. The art room- I didn’t really make anything in there, but I had discussions with other patients and showed them youtube videos on my laptop
  1. The courtyard…. I used to wake up at 6am everyday, and do laps of the ward, then do laps outside once the yard was opened. They thought I was pacing because I was upset, but really, I was trying to get my steps in!
  2. My vision boards- I was determined to lose weight and live my best life
  1. My year books… this ones a bit of a mystery
  2. The exercise bike

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