Hi. In the last few weeks, I have been discharged from mental health services. Is this good news? I hope so. If I end up unwell again, hopefully I can be seen quickly. I have Bipolar I. The last time I was in hospital was three years ago, over my Birthday. The previous/first time I was in hospital, it was over Easter. I am hoping next time will be over Christmas (Joking). I really hope I don’t need mental health services again. I still sleep too much, eat too much and don’t accomplish much.

I am hoping to get back into setting goals and kicking butt. Or setting goals and achieving them. I already have a long list of things I want to achieve, plus my bucket list, so I am going to print off my goals and stick them on my wall, to look over when I’m feeling bored or uninspired. I’m going to try and get a job in a few weeks, I’m just busy at the moment. Some of my goals are, learn how to use my cameras (DSLR and polaroid), do some travel, lose at least 20 kilos, track my sleep again, write in each of my blogs at least once a week and cook a few new recipes.

Basically, to maintain my mental health, I need to get lots of fresh air, exercise, have a healthy social life, eat healthy, limit alcohol, have a healthy sleep routine and take all of my medications. I struggle with the healthy eating, and I don’t like exercising, although I do walk most days. I am pretty good with my medications, but sometimes 4 o’cloak rolls around and I realise I haven’t taken my morning pills, or I am in bed for the night and I realise I didn’t take my evening pills and I can’t be bothered getting out of bed. I should probably keep my pills and some snacks and water beside my bed so there’s no excuses, but sometimes my pills melt in the heat, especially at this time of year.

I stopped doing my sleep experiment. I drew the conclusion that I can wake up at anytime I want, but I am less likely to get up early if I don’t want to (I need a purpose, some morning goals or a reward to drive me), if I am cold or if I went to bed too late the night before. Basically, I need to get up a bit before my alarm and have a coffee, turn my electric blanket on (I don’t think it works), and sleep in longer pjamas. I also need to write down some motivating things to look at when I wake up, like some things to do that day, and rewards for getting out of bed. I like having a cappuccino first thing in the morning, apparently it’s good for my ADD. My parents got a machine when they were newly weds that makes coffee for them and then an alarm goes off to wake them up when it’s ready. They also had to set out a jug of milk the night before to have with it, which could be a problem if there’s an earthquake, a wondering cat or it’s the middle of summer when it could go sour. I guess you wouldn’t need a hot drink to get out of bed in the middle of summer though lol. Overthinker much? haha

Sorry for not writing much lately. I think I had too much pressure to be a self help blog and to educate about neurodiversity. I think now, I will write about my life in general instead of just providing things that are helpful. I’m no expert about Bipolar, ADD or Aspergers, but I can provide a first person account of these things by sharing a bit of my life.


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