School for this Aspie

Elementary School I love education and I love learning. When I was in elementary school, I loved going to school, making friends and learning whatever the teacher was presenting us with that day. I loved the library, writing long stories, maths, playtime, lunchtime, PE etc. I didn’t really get the point of school though, IContinue reading “School for this Aspie”

Things I loved in hospital, during my Manic Episode

Weighted Blanket- I wrapped this around me when I wanted a rest in one of the rooms set aside. A massage chair… I used this most days The spa bath with many jets The art room- I didn’t really make anything in there, but I had discussions with other patients and showed them youtube videosContinue reading “Things I loved in hospital, during my Manic Episode”

Opps! Renaming The Blog

When I started this blog, I named it Neurodiversity Queen. Then I googled it, and it turnt out there was already someone with that name! I then decided to call myself The Neurodiversity Universe because I thought it would be a safe option. Unfortunately, I found out this morning that someone else is already usingContinue reading “Opps! Renaming The Blog”